Grumpy White's Glass Can

Grumpy White's Glass Can
Grumpy White's Glass Can
Grumpy White's Glass Can
Grumpy White's Glass Can

Grumpy White's Glass Can

16oz Can-shaped Glass.

So... Grumpy White's Restaurant.
Some days the buffalo chicken sandwich. Others, the fried chicken sandwich but you needed some extra gravy on the side for the french fries. 
Open face turkey sandwich, a Sam Adams and a nap? Sure.
What maniac is getting the liver?
Wait, you can get as many cheeseburger patties on one burger at one time, and wait, who is the guy that got 20 patties just so he can get his picture on the hostess stand?
Today feels like a Grumpy's Day.
The first time you have french onion soup.
Middle schoolers paying with wrinkled-up dollar bills and coins to get their fix.
Yes, sure, I'll play Keno. Why not.
We loved Grumpy White's before it voluntarily closed in the beginning of COVID. A retirement opportunity for the Grump man himself.
Someone was always eating it at the ZAM store - couldn't help it since it was across the street. The smell of the fried food in a styrofoam to-go box made you feel at home, made you feel special.
This summer, we pay tribute.

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