What makes us human?

You know, the thing that makes us, us.

I get it. Big existential question. Eye roll. But seriously....

There’s a million ways you could describe that unanswering force that manifests itself in creativity, music, beauty, art, life.

We experience it everyday.

It deserves a name and that name is Zamforia.

At least to us.

/zamˈfôrēə/ , sounds like "euphoria" but with a "zam". noun.

Zamforia: Where the instance of being alive transforms into feeling alive.

The embodiment and aura of the perfect action, at the perfect time. Love motivates the action, and creates the moment. That moment is Zamforia.

It’s the

The butterflies in your gut.

The shivers up your spine.

Musicians call it soul.

Athletes call it heart.

Skydivers call it adrenaline.

A mother calls it unconditional Love.

Romeo called it Juliet.

Disney called it imagination, for Dr. King it was equality. To Einstein, it was curiosity.

Even Luke Skywalker called it “The Force”.

But to us,

We call it Zamforia.

Brief History

The Ambigram Logo

Who needs a simple logo, when you can have a logo that just keeps going. Something you've never seen before. Something more than "just a logo".

Our History

The Start

The Idea Was Planted

Love In Tibetan

The First Shirt

Forcing Growth

On The Road

...a lot of hard work and time later, we did a lot of great things....

All Shirts Came Packaged In Potato Chip Bags

More Types Of Fun Packaging

Then we opened our first store.

We opened the store/studio on October 25, 2009. Everyday it was filled with fucking fantastic loiters of all kinds.

The kids just called it "The ZAM".

Painted Murals. Painted Everything.

Never stop creating.

...and people started to get into it which was cool.

we never advertised or did anything we were supposed to do. everything was organic and by word-of-mouth.

just kept making and making and getting better and getting better.

just wanted something to grow old with.

we made families. traveled around the world. stopped. started again. took breaks. started other things.

Just kept living.

And now we're here.

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