Grumpy White's

"Thinking either the buff chick or the fried chicken or the open face turkey sandwich."

QNZY Collection

QNZY, Surf Wolly Beach & Local Tributes and Collaborations

Our Logo is an Ambigram

It says "Love" and the same thing upside-down. Turn it 90 degrees and there's a "Z" for Zamforia.
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Love in Sign Language

Our Story

We Are Zamforia

ZAM's been an art company and project since 2005. It was created to explore language, culture, and art from around the world and history.

We do it by saying love in different languages.

From spray painting t-shirts in my parents garage, to traveling across the USA tagging & putting up stickers everywhere, selling t-shirts out of a Jeep with my family, to building a storefront near the beach outside Boston; to traveling the world and learning languages, history, and music.

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Make Art. Say Love in Different Languages.