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We're serious about what we do.

Everyone calls us ʻthe ZAMʼ.

We started slinging t-shirts from our Jeep
because we had something important to say:
Do something good. Be global.

We are a positive lifestyle company with a worldly vibe and an adventurous outlook on life.

We started by making t-shirts that said Love in different languages. They served as the template for our company. We built our foundation by creating art, limited edition items, and sending a positive message. All in good fun.

Inspired by the world around us
and the one weʼve never seen.

The Beginning

     In true indie style, we started on a whim, without any knowledge of the industry or business, with limited resources, and no money.

     It all started when, one day, Olivia drew a picture of the family on a napkin. Jonathan drew it back to her. He added the word 'love' in different languages to the empty space. Olivia loved it and told him to make a logo for their new "t-shirt company that was going to say Love in different languages."

     “What? T-shirt company? Love in different languages? Why?" he thought, "Why not.

     "Let's do something good" they thought, "everyone's messing up a great thing. Forget that pink and fluffy stuff that people do. Let’s do it right- the way it should be done."

     The first thing Jonathan created was the Love ambigram symbol. An ambigram is a typographical design that reads the same thing upside-down. The Love symbol is reflective of the entire company- turn things upside, see things from another viewpoint, be creative.

     To get their first language, they went to a Tibetan restaurant in Boston and asked the waitresses, who wrote it on a napkin. They made the first dozen shirts at a local print shop. Friends, family and fans started buying them. More importantly people loved the idea and wanted more languages. For the duo, the “positive-global” aspect attracted them. “What a great way to start a business,” they thought.

     They created more and more shirts, hustled them around their hometown Quincy, on the streets of Boston, the region, and even outside the USA. They toured fairs, festivals, markets, and colleges, growing the brand organically from their living rooms and the back of their Jeep Wrangler. A year after Jonathan graduated college, they opened up the flagship store in their hometown of Quincy, Massachusetts.

      They’ve spread through non traditional marketing. With their underground sticker campaign, street art, word of mouth, and interesting marketing tactics (like ‘potato-chip bag packaging”, limited edition tees, and giving the shirts a story), and of course, with the help of family, friends, and fans, the duo have spread themselves throughout the world.

      Jonathan does all the artwork personally. The duo have dedicated themselves to the “People-over-product” business model and have rejected the offers from investors and big companies. There’s no need to ruin a great thing. “Let’s do something good.”

All in the family

ZAMFORIA is a family affair.
The owners, Jonathan and Olivia, are brother and sister.

Friends and family make up the rest of the company.
Customers arenʼt customers- theyʼre family.