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Love in Scottish, Men's

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Love in Scottish is "grahd".

I happened to watch 'Dances with Wolves' and 'Braveheart' within hours of each other, all of which I was drawing up our new Scottish t-shirt. Then, BANG!, a crazy idea- there is absolutelyyy a connection between Native Americans fighting the "white man" and William Wallace fighting English armies. There was a sense of "good triumphing over evil and harm" or even "rooting for the underdog." Or maybe it was the sense of fighting for what you believe in (Freedom, Home, or Family) and against greed and invasion. Essentially, I felt, that the Indians and Scots were speaking the same language when they fought- it was more than words......

But how to merge that? Put a Scottish tartan pattern inside some bold navajo designs? Sure. Simple enough, cool looking and semi-perfect.


Silver grey ultra soft American Apparel 100% Cotton tee.

front: 4-color print

Made in the USA.