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Project Zam

What is Project ZAM ?

Project ZAM is ZAMFORIA's charity endeavor. It's mission is to make people global citizens. People should know about the world around them - know current events, know languages and cultures. Some things you canʼt learn in books so we developed Project ZAM to help people explore the world by giving monetary gifts towards educational trips.

Since the beginning, weʼve called ZAMFORIA a "socially-conscious t-shirt company." We try to fulfill this title in a couple ways, but ProjectZAM has become our main foundation.

This foundation is still in its young stages but itʼs raised thousands of dollars to give away to eager young people wanting to see the world through their own eyes.

Our mission for ProjectZAM became apparent when day-after-day a steady stream of neighborhood junior high and high school kids would come into the store. They would talk about the eclectic and friendly atmosphere, and the whole "Global" aspect of the company. And so came, Project ZAM mission: strive to promote and initiate world travel for people.

Project Zam

Fundraising Efforts

Most of our fundraising has occurred through two main events: The Gala (which takes place around Valentineʼs Day) and ZAMfest which occurs around summer time.

The Gala

"The Gala was the most fun Iʼve ever had."
-A lot of people

When your message is ʻLoveʼ, having a Valentineʼs Day Event comes with the territoty. Ours is called "The Gala."

It usually takes place at nice establishments and you have to dress up a little bit. Sometimes we have dress codes like "Dress up, Dress down, Dress White, Red and Black." (It adds to the fun)

We have some really great family, friends, and fans so the Gala always seems to be an incredible time.

Zamforia Gala poster - 2010
Gala poster - 2011


The first ZAMfest occurred June 6th 2010 at Noon.

Though it was a rainy day, 500+ people attended our little lobster bake on the beach. The event was sponsored by local businesses and Harpoon Brewery. We had an afternoon full of blues, reggae, folk-rock music, vendors, and jolly times despite the little bit of rain.

For that event, we made something from nothing: We organized ZAMfest with barely no money and no experience but it was important to put on this first ZAMfest. Our Uncle told us to start things before you are ready to start them and ZAMfest is a perfect example of this.

Now, with one ZAMfest under our belt, we look forward to the next ones. Hopefully itʼll be an event attended by thousands of people and the best bands in the world.


Going on an educational trip outside the USA and need help raising money?

Download the application HERE

You may be chosen to recieve a gift from ProjectZAM.

We need at least 2 months to go over the application.

To learn more about Project ZAM, sign up for the mailing list.

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